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A Rare Post

As much as I have focused on keeping this site free from any of my personal agenda, I have encountered a circumstance that bears a one-time exception to my rule.  Please bear with me as this will be brief.

I have a colleague and true friend who was recently downsized from a deteriorating health system due to their financial and operational mismanagement.  This gentleman was in charge of Marketing and P.R. for this organization.  In spite of his best efforts and gifts, he was hamstrung by the financial condition and continued deterioration of the organization, literally unable to do his job due to the reputation and care problems, staff turnover, poor community reputation and consistent resource shortage.  He became a victim of circumstances beyond his control.

As I said earlier, I rarely attest for anyone and never in writing of this sort.  This is a first.  The reason?  This gentleman is gifted, a true professional and a consummate, stand-up guy.  He became a victim of circumstances because he was too principled to walk when he should have, even in spite of my counsel.  He finishes what he starts, even if not given the tools or support to do so.

This all said, here’s the inside information.  His name is Steve (I’ll withhold further unless requested).  He has thirty years of health care marketing and P.R. executive experience within hospital systems (one being the largest in the state) and in the post-acute environment (seniors housing, assisted living, SNFs, hospice, etc.).  He comes from a journalism background originally; television principally.  He knows media, public and community relations and can market and sell health care.  He is a gifted writer and has worked all angles of health care P.R. and Marketing from spokesperson to damage control to mergers and acquisitions and new product launches.  He’s even overseen philanthropy and fund development.  Aside from me, his references are impeccable and he’s well-known in the health care community in his market areas.  I have recruited him in past positions and would without reservation, hire him again.

To the point, he’s networking and available, including possible relocation.  I know of few other health care marketing people with his breadth of experience and track record of success.  To my readers, all of whom I appreciate, and my professional colleagues whom I equally appreciate, your leads or insights on Steve’s behalf would be deeply appreciated.  If you have any ideas or interests you would like to share and/or learn more about Steve (resume, etc.) or talk directly with him, drop me an e-mail and I will make it happen.  My e-mail is

Thanks for indulging my deviation in content and again to all, thanks for reading!

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  1. There are many of us “Steve’s” out here…highly qualified, educated and experienced in healthcare marketing. Your blog post did not offend, except that it made your “Steve” sound like the only great guy with great experience and high values finding himself in this difficult situation in our industry. So far from the truth.

    I would greatly appreciate a future blog post, wherein, you share some of the insightful feedback and recommendations you receive from industry folks on behalf of “Steve”…so the rest of us can use this well-placed advice and mentoring and hopefully get on with our careers. The industry is benching a lot of great marketing talent, while focusing on financial and clinical priorities…taking a very short-sighted apporoach to long term growth. How can we change that?

    Thank you and best wishes to your Steve. He is lucky to have you in his court!

    Comment by Marian Schurz | November 7, 2011 | Reply

    • Ms. Schurz,

      Thanks for the comment and for reading the post(s) on my site. I agree with you entirely – there are many talented, qualified people out there and it sounds like you may be in the same “pool” as my friend Steve. My challenge, which is why I titled the post “Rare” is that, while well traveled, etc., I only know a limtied number of people well and even fewer from a direct work perspective. In short, I know many people a little and only a few to the level of Steve. If I could feasibly connect all the talented people with the right opportunities, I would certainly do so as healthcare would truly be, better off than what I often experience. To the extent that I get enough responses from folks, I will write a post along the lines that you suggest. In the interim, if you are like my friend Steve and searching, feel free to send me a resume. The least I can do is see if I can make a connection or two for you.

      Best Wishes to You!


      Comment by Reg Hislop III | November 7, 2011 | Reply

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