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R&R: Recharging the Old Battery

Sorry everyone – no trends this week (not that there aren’t any).  Bumping around the Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin circuit this week and today, I’m out of gas and headed for a golf course.  Time to lay low a bit, recover and recreate.  On my radar when I return to action post Labor Day are all of the following (and then some).

  • Political news abounds – convention season in full swing and healthcare smack-dab in the middle of the growing debate.
  • Some interesting dynamics coming out on hospital observation stays.
  • Hospice, hospice, and hospice – fraud, utilization, census shifts, etc.
  • Medicaid managed care and the Wellpoint dynamic.
  • Omnicare, Sunrise acquisition, PBMs and the fairly massive transitions of former brand medications headed to generics.
  • Home health and why this industry has trended so poorly as of late.
  • Other cool stuff too (if you’re a fan of health policy and economics)!

Until next week – a fairway beckons!

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