Wednesday Feature: How Old Am I?

Happy Hump Day! I needed a diversion day, away from the serious policy and econ stuff I usually follow and write about. All work and no play make Reg a dull boy.

Folks that have followed this site for years or even newer followers, probably can tell that I write from a reference point. Experience has no other substitute. Suffice to say, I have been around for a bit.

Age is not terribly relevant to me. I like to think of my own station in life as well seasoned or “experienced and, sufficiently broken-in”. I’m not new but I’m not “old” either, refusing to be pigeon-holed by date math. Yet admittedly, I am a Boomer so a good part of my life was sans computers and smart phones at-hand. Color TV when it arrived was pretty cool but the choice of stations to watch programs on was numbered in the single digits and not all programs were in color – color without color. Rabbit ears were not just the fuzzy things on a bunny.

My wife saw the picture below and saved it for this particular post. It fits beautifully with the title of the post and will no doubt, cause smiles and maybe, a bit of nostalgia. I grew up in the world described below and if that’s a big hint, you can readily guess about how old I am (or come really close).

Happy Hump Day!



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