Quick Update

Good afternoon! While you all haven’t seen much on the face of the site, lots has been going on in the background. I/we are getting to the point of moving the site host for Reg’s Blog. This will happen across the next couple of days.

I believe the site will not suffer any article or resource loss but “no guarantees” from the new hosting company.

After the site migration to the new host, there will be updates to the look and feel, just not sure (yet) when those will occur. I’m hopeful to get back to posting content soon as a bunch is new and interesting in healthcare, post-acute care, and senior living.

I appreciate your support as readers and followers. If for any reason, you get dropped as a subscriber, simply check back and re-subscribe. The site will always have a place to enter your email and get notice of any new content.

The site name will remain Reg’s Blog and the address will remain: https://rhislop3.com . You can always email me as well (directly) at rhislop@h2heatlhllc.com . I try to get to email daily or every other day depending on work stuff, etc. I do respond to any/all emails, if a response is necessary or warranted.

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