Friday Feature: You Will be Hated

TGIF! I found this piece on LinkedIn and thought it was quite good and worthy of reposting in its entirety. I know what this is about, personally.  I was an administrator, moreover, a senior living and healthcare CEO for many, many years. I ran large organizations primarily but the parallels within this story, don’t change. … Read more

Wednesday Feature: A Great Leadership Lesson

Happy Hump Day! The number one reason for staff turnover is NOT money, its bad bosses or moreover, the things that bad bosses do. I have had staff follow me from engagement to engagement (job to job) and still, have staff that would meet and work with me, anywhere (well, almost) anytime. Why? It isn’t … Read more

Jobs Data and Staffing Status Update

With reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics out this past week, the job market remains relatively strong and healthcare within the market, similarly strong. Unemployment remained at 3.6% and labor participation remained at 62.6% (same for last four months) and the percent of the population employed remained at 60%. For the month of June, … Read more

Top 5 Tips for Recruiting in a Tough Labor Market

I’ve done a number of presentations on the staffing challenges facing providers and how, certain strategies work and others don’t in terms of recruitment and retention. Over my 30 plus years in the industry, I’ve had reasonable (ok, very good) success in building and retaining high-performing teams, including direct care staff. I’ve been fortunate to … Read more