Unprecedented Spike in Cancer Deaths: New Study Reveals Alarming Trend – Friday Feature

TGIF! I’m going to take the bulk of my day today away from work. I’m hoping to spend the afternoon with my wife, running errands and then catching dinner somewhere. Before I step away, an interesting article on increased cancer deaths between 2021 and 2022 caught my attention. In doing a bit of research, an … Read more

Friday Feature: You Will be Hated

TGIF! I found this piece on LinkedIn and thought it was quite good and worthy of reposting in its entirety. I know what this is about, personally.  I was an administrator, moreover, a senior living and healthcare CEO for many, many years. I ran large organizations primarily but the parallels within this story, don’t change. … Read more

Friday Feature: Legal Battle Unfolds Over Nursing Home Negligence Amid Pandemic Era

TGIF! Within a busy econ news week, a little litigation matter slipped into my news stream. These cases are fascinating as we continue to see the pandemic litigation trickle forward and the novelty of claims arising from the pandemic period/Public Health Emergency period beginning to define the litigation playing field. Readers/followers know by now that … Read more

Friday Feature: Litigation, Arbitration, and COVID

TGIF! I live and have an office in Illinois, though my part of the state differs dramatically from the Illinois most people recognize. I live and work in a small town (Galena) in an area known as the driftless region. The driftless region is “original” terra-firma, where the glaciers did not touch. This area is in the far northwest … Read more

Friday Feature: Healthcare Economics Update

TGIF! A report I get and enjoy comes from Altarum (a non-profit consulting organization) looking at various economic data elements with regard to healthcare spending across a number of metrics (percent of GDP, time series growth, etc.). Granted, the report is a bit “wonky” but given what I do for a living, “wonky” is kind … Read more

Friday Feature: The Economic Impact in Aging Countries

TGIF! The U.S. is aging. Its median age is 37.7, just behind China’s median age of 37.9. Comparatively, the U.S. would be considered young in relationship to Japan where the median age is 48.4. While it is true that the Japanese have a longer life expectancy than the average American (84.6 years vs. 77.29 years), … Read more

Friday Feature: Merry Christmas

TGIF and Merry Christmas! The year has flown and now, it’s time to get away from a keyboard and from work and focus on what really matters – faith and family. Soon, I will reflect again on the most wonderful story of all, the birth of Jesus. The season of Christmas does not exist without … Read more

Friday Feature: Hopeful

TGIF! It is the Advent season for Christians and the end (another day) of Hanukkah for Jews. Both seasons to me, bring joy and hope. I have good Jewish friends, so I get a bit of a celebratory joy from them, especially since they reciprocally enjoy Christmas celebrations. As readers know, I follow health care and health … Read more

Friday Feature: Affordability of Senior Living and Services

TGIF and Happy Hanukkah (to my Jewish colleagues and friends)! A major concern as the demographic in the U.S. ages is senior housing and services affordability. The expanding cohort of seniors in terms of real purchasing power, is not as financially fit as prior generations. The Baby Boomers for example, while well paid in their … Read more