Tip-Toeing Through the (Healthcare)Econ Tulips

Bunches (pun intended) of economic data the past two weeks and as readers can tell from the title, I’m getting a little “punchy” with all the data. Anyone about my age should recall a celebrity known as Tiny Tim. His fame, short-lived as it should have been, including playing the Ukulele and signing in a … Read more

Analyzing the 2023 Cost of Care Survey: Trends in Long-Term Care Rate Increases

On Tuesday, the Genworth 2023 Cost of Care Survey was released. Year-over-year rate increases in long-term care/senior living ranged from 1% to 10%, depending on the setting (SNF, Assisted Living, etc.). The report is available here: Genworth Cost of Care 2023 The report is interesting though in some ways, a bit misleading as data is … Read more

Wednesday Feature: A Peek into the Future

Happy Hump Day! A favorite movie series of mine is Back to the Future, particularly parts 1 and 2. Made in the 80s, both are fun to watch in terms of their references to points in time, especially in part 2 where the “future” is 2015! Having lived through 2015, my memories don’t quite compare … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Navigating the Evolving Landscape – Enhancing Ethics and Compliance Programs for Risk Mitigation

Happy Hump Day! Long title for what is going to be, a rather brief post.  As followers and regular readers know, my firm (I am the co-founder and part owner) H2 Healthcare, LLC has a practice area uniquely concentrated on clinical compliance and complex litigation support.  The practice area is headed by Diane Hislop, RN (yes, … Read more

Why Managers Need to Shift Focus from Putting Out Fires to Empowering Their Teams

In my reading stack this weekend (ok, virtual stack), I came across a number of articles on leadership and management. Some were good, some were not, and lots were focused on “old” issues and problems. One in particular, caught my attention – “Management as We Know it Is Broken: How can Leaders Fix It?” What … Read more

Friday Feature: Healthcare Economics Update

TGIF! A report I get and enjoy comes from Altarum (a non-profit consulting organization) looking at various economic data elements with regard to healthcare spending across a number of metrics (percent of GDP, time series growth, etc.). Granted, the report is a bit “wonky” but given what I do for a living, “wonky” is kind … Read more

Record Bankruptcies in Health Care in 2023

As the economy continued to struggle through a high inflationary cycle with restrictive Federal Reserve policy in-place to curb inflation, providers struggled to stay afloat in the turbulent economic waters. Significant financial headwinds in 2023 have only modestly abated at the start of 2024. Labor supply issues (shortages) of direct care staff (other disciplines as well) … Read more

The Cost of Assisted Living: A Report from Seniorly

Over the years I have written many articles about the cost of healthcare and in particular, the cost of senior living and senior healthcare. As the population ages, the demand for senior living and care expands. Per the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. population age 65 and over grew nearly five times faster than the … Read more

Conference Board Report/C-Suite Outook for 2024: Concerns Ahead

The Conference Board, a renowned non-profit research organization, has recently released a comprehensive report that sheds light on the business outlook and concerns of CEOs for the year 2024. This study offers valuable insights into the minds of top executives, highlighting their attention towards the economy and organizational talent. In this post, I’ll delve into … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Framework for Improved Staffing Levels

Happy Hump Day! Wow, winter has really settled in for most of the U.S. – cold and snow as far south as Arkansas and cold, almost everywhere. Next week looks a bit more promising, weather-wise. Staffing for all providers is a major issue. For rural facilities, it can be the difference between staying afloat or closing. I … Read more