Challenges Persist in Staffing for U.S. Life Plan Communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Monday, Fitch Ratings dropped a Non-Rating Commentary about staffing challenges in Life Plan and SNF organizations. Per the release, “Though growing for some time, payrolls for U.S. life plan communities (LPCs) and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are still well off the pace needed to reach a full post-pandemic recovery.” Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data … Read more

Marketing to Fit the Times

Over the years that I have been consulting, writing this blog, contributing to various publications, newsletters, podcasts, etc., I have tried to impress industry folks to stay connected to the current times in terms of marketing. By this I mean, don’t lose sight of what is going on in the world around you, locally, nationally, … Read more

Occupancy? The Hidden Senior Living Market

While it is important to celebrate that senior living occupancies are up to pre-pandemic levels, it is also important to note that in most cases, the data quoted via NIC for example, is regionalized and nationalized. Likewise, the results (the occupancy levels) are still not capable of generating strong, positive margins. Occupancy levels in the 87% to … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Framework for Improved Staffing Levels

Happy Hump Day! Wow, winter has really settled in for most of the U.S. – cold and snow as far south as Arkansas and cold, almost everywhere. Next week looks a bit more promising, weather-wise. Staffing for all providers is a major issue. For rural facilities, it can be the difference between staying afloat or closing. I … Read more

Twofer Tuesday: Life Plan/CCRCs, Fitch Outlook (2024) and Rate Concession Report

Long title for a Tuesday. Two reports dropped within the last couple of days and into my email regarding CCRCs/ Life Plan communities and some interesting trends/outlooks. Yesterday (Dec 4), Fitch issued its 2024 outlook for Life Plan/CCRCs, reaffirming its 2023 outlook as “deteriorating”. The primary reason for the gloomy outlook is present and projected, … Read more

Senior Living/CCRC Risk Reduction and the Fair Housing Act

On Friday, I wrote about expanding litigation due to increasing resident care needs found in senior living, assisted and independent living. Specifically, the issue is primarily around “acuity creep” or residents aging in-place, in environments that may not have the staff and infrastructure to meet their advancing care needs. Friday’s post is here: I’ve … Read more

Non-Profit Ownership/Sponsorship Changes Moving at Record Pace

While mergers and acquisitions are generally down, affiliations, closings in some cases, and sponsorship changes in non-profit senior living and care are at a record pace. Back in July, I wrote about the disconnect between acquisitions and the merger/affiliation changes occurring among non-profits. That post is here: A news release from Ziegler Investment Banking, … Read more

3rd Quarter Senior Housing Update

Senior Housing has had a long, slow grind toward recovery, post-pandemic. Fitch classified the Life Plan component as “deteriorating”. Among the many challenges the industry sectors (Independent, Assisted, Life Plan) faced, access to capital and access and maintenance of dependable and qualified labor are the two most challenging. COVID shaved occupancies rather substantially. Pre-pandemic, as … Read more

Friday Feature: Sr. Living Occupancy Update + (plus)

Yesterday we got a good look at the status of the SNF industry via a data report from CLA. Today, as the week ends, we can look at the broad industry as a whole and where occupancies are trending. NIC (National Investment Center) released its occupancy snapshot for senior living for Quarter 3. That summary … Read more

Quality and Quantity of Life for Seniors, in Senior Housing

Since my first years in senior housing and health care, and my work way back when with Alwyn Powell (AV Powell, AV Powell and Associates), I have been fascinated by the aging journey in care settings – lengths of stay, health care utilization, quality of life and quantity of life. I’ve supported numerous research studies … Read more