Senior Living Rate Increases are Slowing: Revenue Diversification Offers Opportunities

As inflation has cooled, senior living rate increases are slowing. Growing occupancy has been a function of incentives, particularly rate concessions and discounts.  The greatest use of discounting is in independent living, particularly Life Plan organizations/CCRCs. And, while rate increases shift lower, revenue does as well.  Unfortunately, operating cost increases are not subsiding, especially with … Read more

Iowa Lawsuit = More Bad News for Assisted Living

In January of 2022, a resident with dementia wandered out of her Assisted Living Memory Care facility in Iowa and ultimately, froze to death. The State of Iowa investigation uncovered that the resident wandered outside of the building at 9:30 p.m. the previous night. Her absence went unnoticed for eight hours plus even though the alarm … Read more

The Impact of Baby Boomers on Senior Living/Senior Healthcare

The oldest boomers are about to turn 80 in 2026. This age point is typically the trigger point for advancing needs in secure living environments, services increase (ADL and IADL support), and increasing healthcare consumption. The baby boom generation is defined as folks born between 1946 and 1964. The “boom” reference is the rapid number of children … Read more

Washington Post and Assisted Living (not so good) News

Yesterday, a story in the Washington Post highlighted a series of wandering cases where residents from an Assisted Living or Memory Care facility wandered and were later, found dead. Industry insiders knew this story was coming and yesterday, it dropped. In many ways, it is eerily similar to a PBS story a decade ago around poor care/neglect … Read more

Friday Feature: Important COVID Criminal Case Dismissed

Ten days ago, I wrote a post about COVID litigation and how it was not only mounting but also morphing in terms of scope. Cases were predominantly focused on responsibility for infections at the senior living end such as, my ‘family member’ caught COVID at XYZ Manor and died, so therefore XYZ Manor is responsible … Read more