SNF Final Rule 2024 – Update

Back a few weeks ago I did a post summarizing the 2024 Final PPS Rule for Skilled Nursing Facilities. Recall, these rules come out yearly, updating payment rates and other provisions impacting payment and some, impacting policy. Typically, the initial or proposed rule starts in spring and then after comments, etc., becomes final during the summer, at least for programs that have follow the Federal fiscal year; October 1 to September 30. Home Health, however, follows the calendar year; January 1 to December 31. My post summarizing the Final Rule is here:

In that post, I mentioned that I would post the full Final Rule text once it became available via the Federal Register. My apologies for not getting this update completed sooner but as some are prone to note, ‘better late than never.’ The full Final Rule is available for download here: 2023-16249

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