Senior Housing and Care M&A at Record Level

Mergers and acquisitions activity in the seniors housing and care sector set a new quarterly record with 183 publicly announced transactions in the second quarter of 2024, as reported by LevinPro LTC. This represents a 21% increase over the 151 transactions from the first quarter of 2024, and a 49% rise compared to the 123 … Read more

Senior Living Occupancy Up: Challenges Remain

According to data released by NIC (National Investment Center) last week, senior living occupancies ticked up in the first quarter. This is a trend that has continued since the pandemic occupancy “crash”.  Other economic data, however, suggest that challenges remain for continued growth, especially within the CCRC/Life Plan sector. The NIC data is here: 2Q24-NIC-MAP-Market-Fundamentals … Read more

OHSA Rules Could Impact Healthcare/Senior Living

Two recently proposed rules from OHSA may have (likely) impact for healthcare and senior living providers. The Department of Labor regulatory agenda is here: Agency Rule List – Spring 2024 ( The proposed OHSA rules are expected to be released by the end of the year, which could significantly impact senior living providers. The first … Read more

Medicare Fraud: $2.75 Billion Recovered

Late June, the Department of Justice released its 2024 Healthcare Fraud Enforcement Action, detailing actions against nearly two hundred individuals, encompassing Medicare fraud totaling $2.75 billion in recovered losses ($1.6 billion in actual cash losses). One of the major problems with Medicare, aside from its structural financing, is that it is bureaucratically bloated, full of … Read more

SCOTUS Chevron Decision a Win for Healthcare

Last week, the Supreme Court discarded a longstanding doctrine that granted regulatory agencies, such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, extensive leeway to establish regulations for the organizations under their jurisdiction. The decision (majority opinion) in the case of Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo is available here: SCOTUS Chevron Ruling The decision overturns a … Read more

Altarum Report: Healthcare Spending Accelerates Between May 23 and May 24

From May 2023 to May 2024, the overall healthcare costs accelerated (increased) by 3.4%, marking the most rapid increase since December 2007, as reported in Altarum’s monthly Health Sector Economic Indicators brief, released yesterday. The report is available here: Altarum-June-2024-HSEI-Combined Expenditures on nursing home care increased by 4.8% year-over-year, while home healthcare spending saw a … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Fitch Reinforces Deteriorating Outlook for CCRCs

Happy Hump Day! Yesterday, I wrote a post regarding the economy and elements that correlate to CCRC performance. In that post, I referenced Fitch Ratings and their “deteriorating” outlook for the sector. Interesting enough, on the same day, Fitch issued a comment that reinforces a deteriorating outlook for CCRCs.  The quick comment from Fitch is … Read more

The Economy and CCRC Performance – Update

Recently (June 12), the Federal Reserve held its latest FOMC (Federal Open Markets Committee) meeting and decided to maintain the current Fed Funds rate within the range of 5.25% to 5.50%.  The reasoning remains the current position of the economy, inflation therein, signals that inflation is a bit more persistent, and that without more definitive … Read more

Hospice Fraud and Abuse Front and Center

Since I started this site, a topical area that has been a constant for me is hospice and in particular, fraud and abuse. Recent cases have again put Hospice fraud and abuse, front and center. Thematically, the cases are different and the same in so much that they involve improper billing of hospice cases to … Read more

The Poem that Once was Us – Reblog

Readers/followers of this stie know that all content on here is basically unique, except where noted, and written by me. While I do borrow/repost data, charts, etc., the stuff here is basically original.  This post is my first, and maybe not my last, deviation.  It was too good not to share. It comes from this … Read more