The Dark Side of the Economy

On Monday, a good portion of the U.S. saw all or portions of a total eclipse. If you were in the “zone of totality”, you saw a heck of a show and witnessed the side-effects of day turning to dark and the weather turning noticeably colder. Cool stuff. Unfortunately, within the past week or so, … Read more

The Hidden Factor Impacting Consumer Sentiment: Exploring Borrowing Costs

Today’s post is rather short by comparison to others. It is an adjunct to yesterday’s post regarding the credit market status for senior living and post-acute providers. Readers/followers that read the post will note that I included a fair amount of economic discussion, including some Federal Reserve minutes, to frame where I think rates and … Read more

2024 Senior Living Outlook Report

Senior Housing News and Lument conducted a survey (November of 2023) of senior living organizations and executives regarding their outlook for 2024. They consolidated the responses into a report. That report is available here: 2024-shn-lument-outlooksurveyreport-vf.original The highlights from the report are below.  The general consensus of respondents was a positive outlook (87%) for 2024, buffered mostly … Read more