The Dark Side of the Economy

On Monday, a good portion of the U.S. saw all or portions of a total eclipse. If you were in the “zone of totality”, you saw a heck of a show and witnessed the side-effects of day turning to dark and the weather turning noticeably colder. Cool stuff. Unfortunately, within the past week or so, … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Econ Rollercoaster

Happy Hump Day! This will drop before the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee announces its decision on interest rates today. Prediction: Rates will remain unchanged. The Fed will be a bit hawkish however, about rate policy reminding everyone that they are poised, if necessary, to hike rates to fight inflation. Thus, the title for today … Read more

Navigating Uncertainty: The Top Concern for CEOs in 2024

Heading into a rather busy week, I took inventory of stuff to write about this week, trying to organize in case of any other developing news this week, particularly coming out of the Federal Reserve meetings. Personally, though inflation remains a bit sticky and perhaps, even on a slight upward trend due to rising energy … Read more

The Hidden Factor Impacting Consumer Sentiment: Exploring Borrowing Costs

Today’s post is rather short by comparison to others. It is an adjunct to yesterday’s post regarding the credit market status for senior living and post-acute providers. Readers/followers that read the post will note that I included a fair amount of economic discussion, including some Federal Reserve minutes, to frame where I think rates and … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Lending Trends Still Reflecting a Tight Capital Environment

Happy Hump Day! The National Investment Center released its third quarter 2023 lending trends report and while the data is a bit old, it is reflective of current market conditions. The report is available here: NIC_Lending__Trends_Report_3Q2023 Suffice to say since I last provided an update on this subject area, things have not improved.¬† Capital access … Read more

My Notebook: Econ Tuesday Recap

Working on a number of things today with other projects in the fire as well. Haven’t had much time to sit and think, let alone compose much of a post or do much research into current topics so this quicky via the notebook will have to do – Happy TGIF Eve! Tuesday’s CPI report and … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Recession Ahead?

Happy Hump Day!¬†Advent has begun and soon, Chanukah will kick-off. ‘Tis the season or seasons. I will no doubt say this (or write it) many times over, but it always bears repeating, Happy Holidays to all! Yesterday, I wrote a post about Fitch Rating’s and their outlook for CCRCs/Life Plan communities for 2024. Fitch maintained … Read more

Wednesday Feature: CPI, Economy, 40 Days to Christmas

OK, the title is kind of funky, but these concepts do connect. Yesterday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Consumer Price Index (inflation report) for October, 2023. Good news? Maybe. A mixed bag? Definitely. Headlines win the day, and politically spun, it’s fascinating to see which numbers resonate. The full report/release is here: cpi … Read more

Friday Feature: Senior Living Investment Outlook

TGIF! On a calendar year basis, we are into the home stretch for 2023. It’s generally about now that I start looking at how 2024 is shaping up. What trends are there to watch? What do markets look like now, socially and economically? What does policy and politics tell us about the year to come? … Read more

How Much is Enough? Deficits, Debt, and a Look Into the Future

Lately, I’ve gotten quite a bit of 70s (1970s) deja vu. Yes, I’m old enough to vividly remember the 70s as I crossed the decade as a teenager, graduating high school and almost, college. If one has my memories, the 70s were pretty turbulent times, analogous to now. In 1973, Israel and the Arab (Egypt … Read more