Challenges Persist in Staffing for U.S. Life Plan Communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Monday, Fitch Ratings dropped a Non-Rating Commentary about staffing challenges in Life Plan and SNF organizations. Per the release, “Though growing for some time, payrolls for U.S. life plan communities (LPCs) and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are still well off the pace needed to reach a full post-pandemic recovery.” Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data … Read more

Fitch 2024 Oulook: Life Plan (CCRC) Communities, Non-Profit Hospitals – Deteriorating

The Fitch Ratings Public Finance outlook dropped earlier this week and not surprising, their outlook for Life Plan Communities and Non-Profit Hospitals/Health Systems remains negative or in their terms, “deteriorating”. Their forecast is for deteriorating credit conditions in these two sectors due primarily to labor and cost pressures (insufficient supply of labor at higher comp levels … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Snow Day, Hump Day

Winter officially arrived yesterday and overnight, dumping anywhere from six inches to a foot plus of snow in my region. The snow is affectionately known as “heart attack” snow – the wet, heavy kind. It is, however, extremely pretty as it clings to the trees. Today’s post is just for fun as I’ve been too busy … Read more

Twofer Tuesday: Life Plan/CCRCs, Fitch Outlook (2024) and Rate Concession Report

Long title for a Tuesday. Two reports dropped within the last couple of days and into my email regarding CCRCs/ Life Plan communities and some interesting trends/outlooks. Yesterday (Dec 4), Fitch issued its 2024 outlook for Life Plan/CCRCs, reaffirming its 2023 outlook as “deteriorating”. The primary reason for the gloomy outlook is present and projected, … Read more

Fitch, Life Plan (CCRCs) and the Economy: Could Get Uglier

On Monday, Fitch (investment rating agency) dropped a non-rating commentary as an alert that should the economy hit a recession (I would argue not “should” but “when”), that Life Plan communities will encounter additional financial pressure. Recall that in December 2022, Fitch issued its outlook on the Life Plan/CCRC market, qualifying it as “deteriorating.” Per … Read more

Fitch, Life Plan Communities, Mid-Year Update

In December of 2022, Fitch (credit rating agency) issued their outlook for the non-profit, Life Plan (CCRC) sector within the senior housing industry. Fitch outlooks are a primer for creditors seeking to determine lending scales for the upcoming year (bullish v. bearish). The Fitch outlook for the sector was “deteriorating”. The basis for this negative … Read more

Senior Living/Housing M&A and Fitch

The title of this post likely appears a tad bifurcated but as you read through it, the title should make a bit more sense.  In the past two weeks, I’ve had numerous conversations with potential buyer’s looking at or for (to acquire), senior housing projects  (AL, IL, some CCRC and a few SNFs).   Invariably, the conversations … Read more