Reducing MDRO Prevalence in Healthcare Facilities: The Impact of Chlorhexidine Bathing and Nasal Decolonization on Hospitalizations

I’m sure the first reaction to this title is, it’s an April Fool’s joke. This is not that. I know, I don’t really write on any deep clinical topics, for various reasons. First, I’m not qualified clinically (I read to stay B.S. proof and to help my wife’s work – clinical compliance). Second, my only … Read more

Tip-Toeing Through the (Healthcare)Econ Tulips

Bunches (pun intended) of economic data the past two weeks and as readers can tell from the title, I’m getting a little “punchy” with all the data. Anyone about my age should recall a celebrity known as Tiny Tim. His fame, short-lived as it should have been, including playing the Ukulele and signing in a … Read more

Unlocking the Potential: Overcoming Challenges for LTPAC Providers in ACO Participation

Yesterday, the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living plus the National Assocation of ACOs released a white paper that includes a set of recommendations for CMS, designed to increase the participation of long term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers in accountable care organizations (ACOs).  The white paper is available here: AHCA … Read more

The Financial Struggle of Rural Hospitals: A Growing Concern for Healthcare Access

Among the many healthcare sectors I follow, rural healthcare has become my favorite. Oddly enough, it’s not because of the policy issues that exist, though it should be. It is because it is an overlooked sector and one that has a real risk of collapse. Last summer (2023) I wrote a post about the plight … Read more

Why Managers Need to Shift Focus from Putting Out Fires to Empowering Their Teams

In my reading stack this weekend (ok, virtual stack), I came across a number of articles on leadership and management. Some were good, some were not, and lots were focused on “old” issues and problems. One in particular, caught my attention – “Management as We Know it Is Broken: How can Leaders Fix It?” What … Read more

Unveiling the Allegations: Lawsuit Claims Advocate Aurora Health’s Monopoly on Health System is Hiking Prices in Wisconsin

Late last week, I ran across a number of news posts regarding a proposed class action lawsuit against the hospital/health system giant Advocate Aurora, alleging that the organization used its market mass to limit competition and in return, impose excessively high prices on commercial health plans and their insureds. The suit was filed in Wisconsin (where … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Healthcare Job Growth and the Economic Disconnect

Happy Hump Day! My apologies right off for such a head scratching title but this is where I am most days when I see economic reports like the recent jobs report (last week) from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (report is here: January BLS Report 1 24 ) The news is good, maybe, kind of, … Read more

Friday Feature: Healthcare Economics Update

TGIF! A report I get and enjoy comes from Altarum (a non-profit consulting organization) looking at various economic data elements with regard to healthcare spending across a number of metrics (percent of GDP, time series growth, etc.). Granted, the report is a bit “wonky” but given what I do for a living, “wonky” is kind … Read more

Unraveling the Puzzle: Tackling Fragmented Healthcare for Better Patient Outcomes

An issue that I have been interested in for most of my career is coordinated care, especially in terms of older adults who utilize the most care resources and typically, have multiple providers (physicians in particular). Fragmented, uncoordinated care is the primary driver of over-treatment or inefficient treatment. The outcomes of over-treatment include polypharmacy, test … Read more

Record Bankruptcies in Health Care in 2023

As the economy continued to struggle through a high inflationary cycle with restrictive Federal Reserve policy in-place to curb inflation, providers struggled to stay afloat in the turbulent economic waters. Significant financial headwinds in 2023 have only modestly abated at the start of 2024. Labor supply issues (shortages) of direct care staff (other disciplines as well) … Read more