OIG: CMS Should Take Action Against States with Poor SNF Survey Performance

Last week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG), issued a report regarding the performance of contracted state agencies with respect to nursing home (SNF) compliance surveys. CMS contracts with state agencies, typically state departments of health or divisions thereto, to perform compliance/regulatory activities (surveys) in nursing homes. The report … Read more

Friday Feature: Regulatory Shake-Up – 20 States Revamp Assisted Living Laws in 2022 – 2023

TGIF! Greetings from the great white northland! ‘Tis January and Iowa Caucus time and of course, winter settles in. In the rapidly evolving landscape of Assisted Living, it is crucial for states to adapt and refine their regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of residents. Between July 2022 and July 2023, a total of … Read more

Washington Post and Assisted Living (not so good) News

Yesterday, a story in the Washington Post highlighted a series of wandering cases where residents from an Assisted Living or Memory Care facility wandered and were later, found dead. Industry insiders knew this story was coming and yesterday, it dropped. In many ways, it is eerily similar to a PBS story a decade ago around poor care/neglect … Read more

COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness: Redux

As COVID-19 has moved to an endemic phase (constant presence, not spreading out of control or taxing health care resources), I’ve started to look back at what transpired since early-2020 and what was learned, known, and now, embedded (perhaps) in our culture and our health care industry. Suffice to say, the review is somewhat mind … Read more

Jobs Data and Staffing Status Update

With reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics out this past week, the job market remains relatively strong and healthcare within the market, similarly strong. Unemployment remained at 3.6% and labor participation remained at 62.6% (same for last four months) and the percent of the population employed remained at 60%. For the month of June, … Read more

Medicaid Expansion and the PPACA

Article I wrote for the National Healthcare Reform Magazine on the implications for Medicaid as a result of the expansion provisions under the health care reform law. Click on the link below (or copy and paste) to view the article. http://healthcarereformmagazine.com/article/health-reform-and-medicaid-expansion.html