Unprecedented Spike in Cancer Deaths: New Study Reveals Alarming Trend – Friday Feature

TGIF! I’m going to take the bulk of my day today away from work. I’m hoping to spend the afternoon with my wife, running errands and then catching dinner somewhere. Before I step away, an interesting article on increased cancer deaths between 2021 and 2022 caught my attention. In doing a bit of research, an … Read more

COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness: Redux

As COVID-19 has moved to an endemic phase (constant presence, not spreading out of control or taxing health care resources), I’ve started to look back at what transpired since early-2020 and what was learned, known, and now, embedded (perhaps) in our culture and our health care industry. Suffice to say, the review is somewhat mind … Read more

May 11 and PHE: Provider Alert

On May 11, the COVID Public Health Emergency (PHE) is set to end and along with it, a whole slew of requirements end or change, and regulatory waivers applicable to the Public Health Emergency, the same (ending). The end of the PHE will have positive and negative impacts on providers of all types though some … Read more