Maryland SNF Class Action Suit: Nursing Home Residents Seek Mandatory Inspections

Happy Hump Day! Reg’s Blog is back up and running! Lots of stuff has happened over the past couple of weeks that the site was under construction or should I say, remodeling. I’ll try to get caught up on the important stuff and ultimately, get current as new events, etc. happen. Yesterday, an interesting lawsuit dropped … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Massachusetts Nursing Home Residents Set to Transition to Community Living with $1 Billion Settlement

Happy Hump Day! Last week, the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Kim Driscoll, announced the settlement of a class action lawsuit filed against the state by six disabled nursing home residents. The suit was filed in 2022 alleging that the state underfunded community-based care options, trapping them in nursing homes despite their wishes to return to … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Budget Stuff…Cubed

Happy Hump Day! Busy day so far but wanted to sneak this post in, wrapping up the last two days of posts on budget (federal, Medicare) stuff. This being the third day and post on budgets (and last for a while, I promise), the title fits – cubed. What follows is a different … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Hospice Proposed Rule for 2025

Happy Hump Day! As I wrote in a post on Monday regarding CMS’ Proposed Rule for SNFs, ’tis the season. This time of year, is when CMS drops proposed changes to reimbursement and other programmatic elements for all provider types, save Home Health which comes a little later (Home Health rate year is calendar year … Read more

Wednesday Feature: How Old Am I?

Happy Hump Day! I needed a diversion day, away from the serious policy and econ stuff I usually follow and write about. All work and no play make Reg a dull boy. Folks that have followed this site for years or even newer followers, probably can tell that I write from a reference point. Experience … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Econ Rollercoaster

Happy Hump Day! This will drop before the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee announces its decision on interest rates today. Prediction: Rates will remain unchanged. The Fed will be a bit hawkish however, about rate policy reminding everyone that they are poised, if necessary, to hike rates to fight inflation. Thus, the title for today … Read more

Wednesday Feature: A Peek into the Future

Happy Hump Day! A favorite movie series of mine is Back to the Future, particularly parts 1 and 2. Made in the 80s, both are fun to watch in terms of their references to points in time, especially in part 2 where the “future” is 2015! Having lived through 2015, my memories don’t quite compare … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Navigating the Evolving Landscape – Enhancing Ethics and Compliance Programs for Risk Mitigation

Happy Hump Day! Long title for what is going to be, a rather brief post.  As followers and regular readers know, my firm (I am the co-founder and part owner) H2 Healthcare, LLC has a practice area uniquely concentrated on clinical compliance and complex litigation support.  The practice area is headed by Diane Hislop, RN (yes, … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Ash Wednesday and the Start of Lent

Happy Hump Day! Today is the start of the holiest of holiday seasons for Christians, the beginning of Lent leading up to Easter. Yesterday, known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday for some, was the last day prior to the commencement of the six-week period of repentance and abstinence. Ash Wednesday is celebrated by Christians … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Healthcare Job Growth and the Economic Disconnect

Happy Hump Day! My apologies right off for such a head scratching title but this is where I am most days when I see economic reports like the recent jobs report (last week) from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (report is here: January BLS Report 1 24 ) The news is good, maybe, kind of, … Read more