The Hidden Factor Impacting Consumer Sentiment: Exploring Borrowing Costs

Today’s post is rather short by comparison to others. It is an adjunct to yesterday’s post regarding the credit market status for senior living and post-acute providers. Readers/followers that read the post will note that I included a fair amount of economic discussion, including some Federal Reserve minutes, to frame where I think rates and … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Lending Trends Still Reflecting a Tight Capital Environment

Happy Hump Day! The National Investment Center released its third quarter 2023 lending trends report and while the data is a bit old, it is reflective of current market conditions. The report is available here: NIC_Lending__Trends_Report_3Q2023 Suffice to say since I last provided an update on this subject area, things have not improved.  Capital access … Read more

My Notebook: Econ Tuesday Recap

Working on a number of things today with other projects in the fire as well. Haven’t had much time to sit and think, let alone compose much of a post or do much research into current topics so this quicky via the notebook will have to do – Happy TGIF Eve! Tuesday’s CPI report and … Read more

Fitch 2024 Oulook: Life Plan (CCRC) Communities, Non-Profit Hospitals – Deteriorating

The Fitch Ratings Public Finance outlook dropped earlier this week and not surprising, their outlook for Life Plan Communities and Non-Profit Hospitals/Health Systems remains negative or in their terms, “deteriorating”. Their forecast is for deteriorating credit conditions in these two sectors due primarily to labor and cost pressures (insufficient supply of labor at higher comp levels … Read more

Friday Feature: Senior Living Credit/Borrowing Still, Very Soft

TGIF! This week has been very busy with lots of data and lots of economic news. We got a new report from the BLS on inflation. We got earnings reports from Home Depot, Target, and yesterday, Wal Mart indicating what we saw from the Conference Board – consumers are slowing their spending.  I called the … Read more