Friday Feature: Senior Living Credit/Borrowing Still, Very Soft

TGIF! This week has been very busy with lots of data and lots of economic news. We got a new report from the BLS on inflation. We got earnings reports from Home Depot, Target, and yesterday, Wal Mart indicating what we saw from the Conference Board – consumers are slowing their spending.  I called the … Read more

Owner’s Rep – What It Is, When and How to Use One

Healthcare has a great deal of complexity in terms of care delivery and clinical needs. Today, and going forward, equal complexity exists on the business and operations front. Large provider organizations and systems are likely to have the capacity and capability to acquire and internalize, expertise within the organizational structure. Smaller, single site or regional … Read more

Strategies for Accomplishing New Development or Major Capital Projects

One of the focal areas of my consulting practice/work is assisting health care organizations in accessing sources of funding (securing financing basically) for major projects and/or new development.  Given the state of the economy, most specifically the capital markets over the past eighteen months, getting funding for capital projects and/or development has been challenging, though … Read more