Maryland SNF Class Action Suit: Nursing Home Residents Seek Mandatory Inspections

Happy Hump Day!┬áReg’s Blog is back up and running! Lots of stuff has happened over the past couple of weeks that the site was under construction or should I say, remodeling. I’ll try to get caught up on the important stuff and ultimately, get current as new events, etc. happen. Yesterday, an interesting lawsuit dropped … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Massachusetts Nursing Home Residents Set to Transition to Community Living with $1 Billion Settlement

Happy Hump Day! Last week, the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Kim Driscoll, announced the settlement of a class action lawsuit filed against the state by six disabled nursing home residents. The suit was filed in 2022 alleging that the state underfunded community-based care options, trapping them in nursing homes despite their wishes to return to … Read more

Humana, United Health: Class Action Suits over AI use in Coverage Determination

It was only a matter of time before litigation came forward regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in primarily, Medicare Advantage plans, where coverage denials/determinations are at issue. This week, a class action suit dropped in the U.S. Circuit Court of Western Kentucky against Humana. A link to the suit is here: In … Read more

Twofer Thursday: Staffing Litigation and a Bit More on Medicare Advantage Plans

Today’s post is a bit of a hybrid. I’m trying to keep up with a bunch of things ranging from policy to economics (Jerome Powell speech today) to some work stuff so I’m combining two things today that probably, deserve a bit more dissection, but this will do for now. Plus, I’m hopeful that tomorrow … Read more

SNFs (and others), a (not good) Staffing Litigation Trend to Watch

It seems like I have been writing a lot on staffing issues these past few months, and I have. Staffing along with the current economy, are a Hydra today (two headed serpent), negatively impacting provider financial conditions and patient care in many forms (access, outcomes, care coordination, etc.). A few months ago, I wrote a … Read more