Friday Feature: Litigation, Arbitration, and COVID

TGIF! I live and have an office in Illinois, though my part of the state differs dramatically from the Illinois most people recognize. I live and work in a small town (Galena) in an area known as the driftless region. The driftless region is “original” terra-firma, where the glaciers did not touch. This area is in the far northwest … Read more

COVID Assisted Living Claim in Virginia – Potentially Precedential

My work has me very attuned to litigation trends and in particular, COVID litigation. We are just beginning to see COVID litigation coming to a head with some interesting decisions. Within my firm (H2 Healthcare, LLC), is a practice focus headed by my wife. It involves clinical compliance and complex litigation support. She is considered one of, if … Read more

Friday Feature: Senior Living Litigation Watch: Risks at CCRCs/Independent Living

Among the many topical areas I watch in health care, I pay particular attention to liability and litigation. As frequent readers/followers know, my firm, H2 Healthcare, LLC, focuses a practice area on clinical compliance and litigation support. My wife and the firm’s Senior Partner is one of the foremost experts (nationally) in litigation support and … Read more