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Wednesday Feature: Lessons from a Cat

Happy Hump Day! I am a cat fan and a cat dad. Ever since I can remember, cats have been part of my life. I love dogs too and have had a number as pets, but I am partial to cats. My wife and I share our spaces with two cats: Mac and Cheese. You can guess what color they are.

Mac and Cheese are brothers. They have never been apart. Though they share a resemblance, being around them for any length of time, you could separate them quickly. And as cats go, they are both different yet, in many ways the same. Their lives are somewhat separate as each has his own routine and personality but, they are interconnected. They play together, sometimes sleep together, share food together, call for each other at night to play, etc. Mac is dominant, bigger and more social. Cheese is more traditional cat-like: sleeps more and is kind of aloof.

What I marvel about cats is their grasp of the world around them and their distinct ownership of all that enters this world. Cats are phenomenal athletes, evidenced by their grace in contorting into tight spots, contorting into sleep positions, and navigating ledges and rims without falling or disturbing things in their path. And, while a housecat is domesticated, they never lose the predatory heritage. Even Mac and Cheese will prowl, seek bugs, destroy toys, etc.

There is much to learn from being around cats and observing their lives within the spaces they inhabit, including with people. In almost a Zen way, cats can teach us important things – things we should adopt as beneficial to our own lives, success, and fulfillment. Below are fifteen things that cats can teach us, adopted from

  1. Indulge Your Curious Spirit
  2. Choose Your Friends Wisely
  3. Get Plenty of Rest
  4. Maintain a Well-Groomed Appearance
  5. Don’t Forget to Show Appreciation
  6. Eat More Fish
  7. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings
  8. Spend Time Soaking Up the Sun
  9. Take Time to Sit Still and Really Notice Things
  10. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
  11. Stretch Regularly
  12. Ignore the Little Things that Tend to Irritate You
  13. Look Before You Leap
  14. Don’t Lose Your Playful Energy
  15. Don’t Get Discouraged

I hope this message makes your day – Happy Hump Day!


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