Outlook for Single Site CCRCs/Life Plan Communities

As economic conditions continue to create headwinds for senior living, I thought this post was timely. Bottom-line: I’m seeing lots of single site and even a number of multi-site, small scale organizations struggling. Depending on their markets and their debt load plus cash position, surviving as independents could be a real challenge over the upcoming … Read more

Merge/Affiliation Strategy – Checklist

In April I wrote a post regarding mergers and affiliations in health care – hospitals and senior living. As demographics shift, reimbursement and health policy dynamics change, organizations continue to evaluate the benefit of remaining independent or developing strategic partnerships via affiliation or merger. Size and scale are not the lone determinants as we have … Read more

Merge/Affiliation in the Cards?

I pay close attention to economic trends and to the health care industry in general, as the same are applicable. One trend I’m watching quite closely is business consolidation and mergers/affiliations. In the general economy, a lot of consolidation is occurring post-pandemic. Restaurants are closing outlets (Red Lobster, Krispy Kreme, Burger King, etc.), retail outlets … Read more