Monday = Budget Day

As much as politics consumes the news, little on policy is included. Most days, the political stuff such as trials, Congressional hearings, back and forth tabloid (almost) stuff is front and center, missing is the “meat”. Reminds me of the 80’s Wendy’s commercial titled, “Where’s the beef?” While I know that the national election, … Read more

The Politics of Population and Immigration

Followers know that I don’t write much about politics, staying pretty straight-forward on health policy and economics topics. A little diversion occurs today, but honestly, not much. We are after all, in an election cycle and thematically (the title), demographics will be center stage but likely, for the wrong reasons. As I watch the election … Read more

Wednesday Feature: Insanity

Happy Hump Day! Every once in a while, I feel the need to rant, if just a bit. Personally, it’s like an exorcism of pent-up frustration. Since this blog is mine and I am the author, editor, chief cook, and bottlewasher, I get a certain license to write stuff that I feel is important. I … Read more