Monday = Budget Day

As much as politics consumes the news, little on policy is included. Most days, the political stuff such as trials, Congressional hearings, back and forth tabloid (almost) stuff is front and center, missing is the “meat”. Reminds me of the 80’s Wendy’s commercial titled, “Where’s the beef?” While I know that the national election, … Read more

MedPAC Recommendations: Home Health, Hospice, Inpatient Rehab Facilities

Yesterday I wrote about MedPAC’s rate recommendations for SNFs for FY 2025. Recall, MedPAC makes these recommendations annually, assuming the full commission votes (in January 2024) for the recommendations as released by draft. The final recommendations go to Congress. Yesterday’s post was the “draft” position for SNFs. Today, I’m including summaries for Home Health, Hospice, … Read more