The Politics of Population and Immigration

Followers know that I don’t write much about politics, staying pretty straight-forward on health policy and economics topics. A little diversion occurs today, but honestly, not much. We are after all, in an election cycle and thematically (the title), demographics will be center stage but likely, for the wrong reasons. As I watch the election … Read more

Friday Feature: The Economic Impact in Aging Countries

TGIF! The U.S. is aging. Its median age is 37.7, just behind China’s median age of 37.9. Comparatively, the U.S. would be considered young in relationship to Japan where the median age is 48.4. While it is true that the Japanese have a longer life expectancy than the average American (84.6 years vs. 77.29 years), … Read more

Politics and Health Policy

Last week, the 2024 Presidential campaign season kicked into full swing with the first candidate debate. Arguably, momentum has been building ahead of the debate, especially in Iowa, during the State Fair, where candidates roamed, gave speeches, and pressed the flesh. I was there one day and enjoyed seeing Tim Scott and few other notables, … Read more