Friday Feature: Senior Living Investment Outlook

TGIF! On a calendar year basis, we are into the home stretch for 2023. It’s generally about now that I start looking at how 2024 is shaping up. What trends are there to watch? What do markets look like now, socially and economically? What does policy and politics tell us about the year to come? … Read more

Sr. Living M&A Update – Third Quarter

This topic fits a line from the old police serials of my younger days. These are the favorites I watched religiously like Adam-12, the Rookies, The FBI, etc. The line, generally at a crime scene: Move on folks, nothing to see here. That line fits today’s topic. The mid-year report illustrated softness in activity principally … Read more

Senior Living/Housing M&A and Fitch

The title of this post likely appears a tad bifurcated but as you read through it, the title should make a bit more sense.  In the past two weeks, I’ve had numerous conversations with potential buyer’s looking at or for (to acquire), senior housing projects  (AL, IL, some CCRC and a few SNFs).   Invariably, the conversations … Read more